3 Cool Facts About Goldeneye N64

Published on April 25 2016

3 Cool Facts About Goldeneye N64

Goldeneye is arguably the best game that was ever released for the Nintendo 64. It was groundbreaking upon it's release (as were most of the popular games for the N64) and still holds up well to this day (My little brother prefers it to most FPSs on his Xbox!).

I was doing some snooping online and found some pretty cool facts about this console, which I thought I would share here. Let's go:

Rumble Pack Reload

This is my favorite random fact about Goldeneye, but also perhaps the most frustrating. The developers for the game wanted to incorporate 'rumble pack reloading' into the game, but Nintendo didn't give the idea the greenlight. Quote from one of the developers:

“At one point, we were going to have reloading done by the player unplugging and re-inserting the rumble pack on the controller”, remembers Steve. “Nintendo weren’t keen on that idea and I think it might have affected the pacing a bit…

It's probably one of those ideas that is cooler in concept than execution, and I can't imagine how many people would break their controllers doing this, but it's still a pretty awesome idea. I would have loved it if this was an unlockable extra or something in the game.

Knee Shaking Nerds

One of the best aspects of Goldeneye was the AI. Although they were sometimes running through walls or round in tiny little circles, there were lots of cool little quirks that made them extra memorable for me. Definitely my favorite AI moment was when the scientists in the game shake their knees when you shoot around them, and I read that this was actually one of the Developer's (Duncan Botwood) knees. They filmed it in motion capture, without real actors, so the development team did a lot of the AI stunts, including the jumps and rolls (probably explains why some of the guards look like they're moving in slow-mo).

Bond Bonanza

Originally the development team wanted to include several incarnations of the Bond character alongside Bronson's, including Connery, Moor and Dalton. However, the idea never happened because of licensing issues, so it had to be scrapped. But not before the Dev team had played one final team deathmatch with each Bond. It was first to 100 kills, and Moore won.

Goldeneye is definitely one of my fav games ever and it sounds like the Dev team had a blast creating it!

Written by Stewart Dougan

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